---- Our Philosophy & Mission Statement ----

We are not an elaborate multimedia or heavy commerce site designer. What we do is try to accommodate our clients, their unique needs and make a site that is truly representative and meets a clients goals.

Rather than rely on slow, buggy, cutting-edge multimedia, we go with a simpler elegance: striking graphics, and speedy navigation on a fully functioning site. All geared to work for as many visitors, using as many browsers, with as many systems as possible.

The majority of all viewers visiting a web site want to see what is there, what you have to offer, and what interests them. If they cannot get onto your web site and navigate in an expeditious manner, they will leave.



---- A Little About Us ----

California WebWise started business designing web sites, hosting web sites, managing domain names and maintaining web sites in 1998. We have an engineering software background for 15 years just prior to 1998 in the Silicone Valley (Mt. View, CA) working with one of the government agencies. In 2007, we relocated up the coast to Oregon where we maintain the business of California WebWise.


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