Pricing Categories:

Web Design

Web design is generally priced in two ways: price per-page or price per-hour.

As it implies, price per-page ends up as a boiler plate kind of site which may or may not suit your needs.

Price per-hour implies customization, and that is where we feel a client gets the most for their money.

Though customization means more labor cost, a client should consider that a 15% - 50% increase in cost per page can easily offer a 50% - 100% improvement in page dynamics.

California Web Wise is glad to accommodate either way of pricing, but recommends per-hour pricing. Ask yourself, if more interesting page dynamics brings in only one more client, will it pay for itself? Will attractive pages make people more likely to return or create a bookmark? We think so.

* * *

There are just too many variables with pricing to to set things in concrete here. More exact figures can be arrived at with a free consultation.

Most of our work is performed at a very reasonable $65 per hour, including graphics.

Some variables to consider are:

  •  Domain registration
  •  Copy writing and editing
  •  Search engine submission
  •  Site maintenance
  •  Graphics design:
    •  Logos
    •  Banners
    •  Custom
    •  Photo Retouching
    •  Rollovers

Since no two projects are alike, it is simply impossible to give a ballpark price without a consultation, but generally our Web design prices are between $1,500 and $7,000.



Web Hosting

California WebWise offers hosting services for our design, development and maintenance clients at a yearly rate of $200. The hosting environment we offer includes the following:

  • 100MB disk space
  • 2GB bandwidth per month
  • Accessed by your own personal domain name
  • 5 pop-email accounts
  • Your own cgi-bin directory capabilities
  • Some cgi & perl scripts (we will advise on registration)
  • If needed, two of your domain names point to your site - more that that are billed at an additional $5.00 a year

Additional services and capabilities are available at an increased rate, please contact us for details.

Since this service is provided to our clients, we retain the FTP, telnet and administration capabilities to your hosting environment. This insures we will always have your most resent changes on-line in a timely manner.


Database Design & Development

Database design & development for California WebWise clients that use our web hosting service will normally be billed at rate of $85 an hour. If you have special needs the price may be higher. Some standard scripts could also be lower. Please contact us for details.

If you would like us to develop database files, cgi, perl scripts for non-clients the cost will be slightly higher. Please contact us for details.

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